Implementing the Balanced Scorecard can get off track easily; it needs a facilitator to articulate and communicate what is to be done clearly and efficiently. We would like to be your partnering service provider of choice. We use a highly repeatable method of facilitation that produces timely, consensus based deliverables in a real time work environment.

We offer reporting and analysis capabilities which provide the consistency and flexibility required to make implementation a success, and we can assist in all stages of the implementation hereof.


the Balanced Scorecard

If you have difficulty establishing mechanisms that translate strategic vision into concrete goals and actions, we will help you. We will draw on our experience with scorecard projects to provide the step-by-step method, that fits for introducing the Balanced Scorecard into your organization.

If you have found that Experience is something you don't get until after you need it - sharing our knowledge and the learning lessons derived from our research and practical work can be of great value to you.

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